Ufork was started in 2000 by Ulrike Fork. Ulrike studied Graphic Design in Bremen,
Hochschule für Künste, with an exchange to Zürich, Schule für Gestaltung.
When graduated, she worked several years in design companies, in Barcelona
(Summa, Actar) and Amsterdam (Dedato).

Working from her own design-studio in Rotterdam, she teams up with freelance
designers and professionals in production. The designs by Ufork are simple, timeless
and often have a typographic look. They are friendly but explicit with a strong
attention to detail.

Ufork will help you to get a well-designed, well thought-out logo and visual identity
that matches your companies’ aspirations and appeals to the right market.
This includes websites, brochures, magazines, signing, publications and even your
companies’ own board game.




Ufork stands for a pleasant, open and personal way of collaboration and is committed
to a project from the beginning until the realization. For best results,
we work in stages and keep contact throughout the whole design. In this way we
can operate clear, fast and efficient.

Each project starts with a meeting to exchange information and make a plan of action.
This includes an indication of time and costs. When you decide to work with us,
we will run through the following stages:

Looking at the information and the product that has to be realized, we will define
a ‘design question’. We will make a summary that will function as the base of
our design process.

Researching the clients’ market, we will define an answer to the design question.
Usually we will launch several proposals that will be discussed using a visual concept

The chosen concept will be translated to the different media-items and shown
in a presentation. After agreement of all items, we will move to production.

Ufork will make artwork documents for all items considering the production conditions.
It’s the working base for printer, web-designer and other producers.

During production Ufork will stay in contact with the producing company,
by controlling samples or stages of production. If necessary, we can interact
to improve the result.

After the project is realized we like to look back on the process and enjoy successful
collaboration and the results together.